Basic Server Commands (B3)

!help!hGet info how to use a command
!rules!rSay the rules
!time!tDisplay the servers current time
!regtestDisplay your current user status
!nextmap!nmSee nextmap in rotation
!mapsList the server map rotation
!registerRegister yourself as a basic user
!seen NAMEWhen was a player last seen
!admins!adList all the online admins
!aliases NAME!aList a player Aliases
!putgroup NAME POWER!pgAdd Client to a group; POWER: mod[20], admin[40], fulladmin[60], senioradmin[80], superadmin[100]
!ungroup NAME GROUPRemove a client from a group
!find NAMETest to find a connected player
!leveltest NAME!ltDisplay a user's status
!list NAMEList all connected players
!poke NAME!pNotify a player that he needs to move
!say!sSay a message to all players
!screensay!scSay a message on the top screen
!screentell NAME MESSAGE!stSend a messagage to player on the screen
!warn NAME REASON!wWarn user
!warnclear!wcClear all of a user warnings
!warninfo NAME!wiDisplay how many wrning points a user has
!warnremove NAME!wrRemove a users last warning
!warnsList warnings
!admintestDisplay your current user status
!ban NAME REASON!bBan a player
!baninfo NAME!biDisplay how many bans a user has
!kick NAME REASON!kKick a player
!temban NAME DURATION REASON!tbTemporarily ban a player
!b3Say B3's version info
!spank NAME REASON!spSpank a player, naughty boy!
!unban NAMEUn-ban a player
!clear!cClear all tk points and warnings
!lookup NAME!lLookup a player in the database
!maprotate!mrSwitch to next map in rotation
!permban NAME REASON!pbBan a player permanently
!mask GROUP NAMEHide level
!unmask NAMEUn-hide level
!reconfigRe-load all configs
!advlistList of advertisements
!advadd TEXTAdd advertisement
!advrem NUMBERRemove advertisement by number
!advloadLoad all advertisements
!advrate TIMEChanging advertisement rate in minutes
!privatemessage NAME TEXT!pmSend a message to a player
!burn NAMEBurning a player
!tphere NAMETeleport a player to you
!fpsFullbright ON/OFF
!fovChange Field Of View
!drop NAMETake all weapons
!inv NAMEMake a player invisible
!ammo NAMEGive infinite ammo
!jetGet a jetpack
!spec NAMEMove a player to spectate zone
!kill NAMEKilling a player
!explode NAME!exExplode a player
!partyTurn on party mode
!partyoffTurn off prty mode
!spawn NAMESpawning a player
!bounce NAMEBouncing a player
!flash NAMEFlashing a player
!saveSaving your actually position
!load NAMELoading a saved position
!fps125Changing your maxfps to 125
!fps250Changing your maxfps to 250
!fps333Changing your maxfps to 333
!setfpsChanging your maxfps to 125/250/333
!wtf NAMEKilling a player
!ak NAMEGive to player AK-47
!r700 NAMEGive to player Remington700 Sniper
!aku NAMEGive to player AK-74u
!deagle NAMEGive to player Gold DesertEagle
!rpd NAMEGive to player RPD
!pack NAMEGive a player Gun Pack
!uav NAMEGive to player Radar
!air NAMEGive to player Airstrike
!heli NAMEGive to player Helicopter
!crashChanging map to Crash
!crossChanging map to Crossfire
!backlotChanging map to Backlot
!cityChanging map to Citystreets(District)
!strikeChanging map to Strike
!broadChanging map to Broadcast
!vacantChanging map to Vacant
!winterChanging map to Winter Crash
!shipmentChanging map to Shipment
!ambushChanging map to Ambush
!blocChanging map to Bloc
!bogChanging map to Bog
!chinaChanging map to Chinatown
!countdownChanging map to Countdown
!creekChanging map to creek
!farmChanging map to Downpour
!killhouseChanging map to Killhouse
!overChanging map to Overgrown
!pipeChanging map to Pipeline
!showdownChanging map to Showdown
!wetworkChanging map to Wet Work
!tdmChanging gametype to Teamdeathmatch
!sndChanging gametype to Search&Destroy
!ffaChanging gametype to Free For All
!sabChanging gametype to Sabotage
!ts3Display Teamspeak3 adress
!hostDisplay hosting
!webDisplay website
!serveripDisplay serverip
!recFun Recruitment
!nsFun Nice shot
!ncNice clay
!nnNice nade
!ncNice clay
!camper NAMEFun Camper
!dance NAMEFun Dance
!n1 NAMEFun Nice One
!noob NAMEFun Noob
!killed NAMESee your last killer
!owned NAMESee your last victim
!fh NAMEFun Father of hackers
!aim NAMEFun Aimbot
!bye NAMESay Bye
!hi NAMESay Hi
!bigadmin NAMEFun Bigadmin
!pizza NAMEFun Pizza